Competitive Market Insights

Consumer behaviour is constantly changing due to several factors that include changing lifestyles, new product/service categories, price, customer service, customer satisfaction relating to emotional and functional benefits, globalisation, rapidly changing technologies and crisis-induced scenarios such as COVID-19, the global pandemic. When an organisation is unable to turn its consumers into life-time customers, there's a problem that should be addressed urgently.

The goal of marketing strategy - a broad statement of what is to be achieved - is to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and earn more profit. In order to achieve competitive advantage, a company's products and/or services should be designed to make consumers' lives better. However, constant tracking of consumer behaviour in highly competitive markets is essential for business success and it explains why we created 'Competitive Market Insights' (CMI), a Brand Impact proprietary marketing tool, to generate data-driven insights.

How are consumers engaging with your brands? How are your brands stocked and displayed? What are the sentiments of consumers and those who sell your brands? Through our field marketing activities, we are able to dive deeper into the underlying issues so that customer service and front-line executives as well as marketing managers can make better decisions based on our findings.

Understanding the context of changing market dynamics and consumer behaviour beyond 'controlled environments' also helps our 'what if' scenario analysis. When products/services are available in the market, a combination of factors in the value chain are responsible but CMI analysis will reveal how well these factors have been optimised to instigate selling and buying behaviour.

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